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Resort Style Sober Living
Home for Women

OHANA HOUSE  exclusively for women who are seeking support on their path to recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. The setting at OHANA HOUSE provides the surroundings, amenities, support and philosophy which allows our residents the ability to turn their focus inward.

OHANA HOUSE is here for you when you have tried on your own, when after countless vain attempts you just can’t stop, no matter what you tried, or how hard you’ve tried.  When the person you can’t trust is you!

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OHANA = no one left behind!

In Encinitas, California, this Hawaiian plantation style home has the ambiance of a tropical escape. In Hawaiian culture, “ohana” means family, as in "extended” or “intentional” family. In popular culture "ohana" means no one gets left behind.


During your stay the staff and environment provides support while you uncover, and discover what is needed on your personal journey in recovery. 


luxury sober living for women

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