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MARY LOU RODGERS   founder | operator

Mary Lou found her path to lasting sobriety through a sober living house.

An adopted child, Mary Lou struggled with abandonment her entire life.  She didn’t realize that her abandonment issue, along with the Irish “gene” for alcoholism, would turn her periodic and binge drinking eventually into a diagnosis of alcoholism. 


The eldest of six adopted children, Mary Lou was raised in a non-traditional family and lived all over the US & Venezuela. In her early career Mary Lou worked professionally in the entertainment industry as a talent agent and as a Casting Director. After starting a family, materialism became her measuring stick of a successful life. A huge estate, yachts, multiple properties and vacations all over the world were the byproducts of her success - another byproduct was heavy drinking. Eventually this led to multiple rehab stints, therapy, small amounts of time of sobriety only to relapse and relapse again.


Her sobriety date is July 18, 2010 and she attributes the journey of her recovery this last time to her experience in sober living. Mary Lou attended the Navy Drug & Alcohol Counselor School for her CDAC certification. A near death experience in 2014 caused her to get serious about her passion, which is helping other women find their way to a new life, a life beyond their wildest dreams!


Christina is from Oceanside, California and is an active member of the recovery community in Encinitas. She resides in Oceanside with her husband and her fur babies. Christina has struggled with various childhood traumas as well as a mental health diagnosis which all contributed to substance abuse.

As an only child raised by a single mom, Christina was raised without much supervision or structure. She started working at a young age and for five years had a career as a cosmetologist.  Everything on the outside seemed perfect but her insides were slowly dying with drugs and alcohol being the only solution at the time. Christina was prompted to seek treatment for her addiction and mental illness when the pain of living with substances became greater than that of living without.

Her sobriety date is March 23, 2018 and she is an active member in the thriving local recovery community. Christina has also found a sense of purpose and home through the work she does with struggling local youth. Although she did not live in sober living, Christina spent many days at Ohana House and attributes the sense of community she has built, from the fellowship of sober living and twelve-step groups. Today she is building a life worth living and loving due to her endless journey in recovery.

"Sobriety saved my life and the program taught me how to live."


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